Financial News – July 15 2106

Some financial articles I am reading today….

  • The Curious Case Of Kitex Garments – 2point2capital (Disclaimer: I have holdings with Kitex Garments)
  • A portfolio to make multibagger returns for you over 10 years – ET
  • Rajan’s formidable reputation helped stabilise rupee: Subbarao – ET
  • Dow has risen 177% in 7 years! Here’s what Wall Street is trying to tell us  – ET
  • L&T to sell 15% stake in L&T Technology Services via IPO – ET
  • Let’s Talk About Amazon’s Cash Flows – 2point2capital
  • Smart SIP & Market Timing – Portfolio Yoga
  • Hedge Fund Managers’ Short-Selling Skill – CIO
  • The Courage to Not Invest – CIO
  • The 24-Year-Old Asset Owner – CIO



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